“Bringing a distinctive eastern take on afrobeat” – Lopa Kothari, World on 3, BBC3.

“Begs repeated listening.” – Jane Cornwell, Songlines.

“Awalé’s tunes rock.” – Rita Ray (DJ, Broadcaster).

“Awalé are doing something different with afrobeat and I do like it.” – The late Charlie Gillett (Radio DJ, Broadcaster).

“Awalé play some seriously heavy Afro-Latin-Gypsy Funk….Their formula of phat and funky guitar riffs, Afro-Cuban percussion, supertight horns, and searing female vocals make for a mindblowing party blend.” – Cal Jader (DJ, Promoter).

“Awalé’s music echoes the past masters whilst bringing a new and undefinable sound.” – 12tone.

Formed in London in 2009, Awalé is a reflection of London’s multiculturalism.They take influences come from Afrobeat, Balkan music, North African Amazigh music, Congolese Rhumba, Ethio Funk, Jazz and Latin music, and blend them in their unique style.
Through their music they take the audience on a journey across continents celebrating diversity and hope for mutual understanding. Their music is a constant exploration of groove, played in turns and cycles of various length which echo themselves, sometimes very intricately and sometimes in unison.Awalé’s debut album “ Just Have To Grow” was co-produced by Nick Page (Transglobal Undergound/Dub Colossus). It has been well received by the media and aired on BBC Worldservice, BBC3, RFI Bulgaria, and France 24.
Awalé have played many venues and festival up and down the UK as well as internationally such as supporting grammy 2012 winner Tinariwen in Tunisia.






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